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5 Reasons To Have An Arborist Prune Your Tree

A lot of homeowners figure that trees have existed here on Earth for millions of years and that they do just fine taking care of themselves. You just plant them and they grow, right?

A lot of Michigan homeowners with that attitude end up with trees that become liabilities to their property, having to pay big bucks for large tree trimming projects or massive tree removals that could have been avoided with pruning, cutting and other maintenance that could have easily been provided by a good tree service at a much lower cost.

To help make sure you don’t end up with an eyesore or a safety hazard in your yard, here are five reasons why any homeowner with trees on their property should be utilizing an arborist for pruning starting when the trees are still young.

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Keep Your Trees Healthy

The young trees on your property should be regularly pruned to promote the growth of a strong basic branch structure, which helps ensure a longer and healthier life. Trees left to grow in a wild state tend to develop weaker, more erratic branch systems.

Keep Your Trees Safe

Scheduled tree maintenance will help eliminate any potential hazards on your property. Weak, diseased, or unbalanced trees are far more prone to fail, which often results in customers suffering from the damaged property and expensive cleanups.

Keep Your Trees Beautiful

Regular maintenance will keep your trees looking balanced with their physiological needs running at optimal levels. Trimming and pruning will help regulate everything from the airflow to leaf growth, which makes trees look happy and healthy.

When to Prune?

This depends on why you are pruning. Pruning dead branches and light pruning can be done in any season. If you are after other goals here are some basic guidelines.

Winter Pruning

Pruning during dormant periods is the most common practice. Proper pruning during a period that is past the coldest part of the winter can lead to a vigorous burst of new growth in the spring if this is what you are after. Some trees like birch, maple, walnut may bleed where the sap runs down but this is normal and will cease soon enough as the tree heals.

Summer Pruning

To dwarf a tree from becoming too large, proper pruning may be required after the rapid growth stage in the spring. This ensures that you keep the tree at the size that’s right for your property by reducing the surface area of leaves, the tree produces less “food” from the sun thus maintaining or “dwarfing” its size to a manageable level.

Fall Pruning

Pruning should most likely be avoided in the fall when spores and fungi are rapidly spreading and the trees healing speed is winding down.


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